Things to do in Montgomery

If you are visiting Montgomery or you have just relocated here then welcome, Montgomery is a great place to visit.  While you are probably tempted to shout “Roll Tide Roll” there is far more to Montgomery than that.  This was the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and it has a rich history dating back to the Civil War.  Take some time to appreciate those warm summer nights and the southern hospitality, here are some things to do in Montgomery.

Civil Rights Memorial

The Civil Rights Movement is one of the most significant periods of time in American History and here is where Montgomery remembers those that gave their lives so things could change.  The memorial is a black granite table with water flowing out of the center and over the table.  It has the names of all that gave their lives engraved on the surface.  When you are here you are encouraged to touch the table and take a moment to respect those that lost their lives.  The table was designed by Maya Lin who also designed the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington.

The State Capital Building

If you love history then this is a place that you just have to see, the building first opened back in 1855 and for a short time it served as the Capitol of the Confederacy before it moved to Virginia.  A lot of history happened in this building and you should take the time to explore.  There is a beautiful staircase that will bring you to the second floor that offers the best view of the dome.

Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Center

If you are looking for a great place to take the kids then head over to the zoo, with more than 40 acres of ground and 500 animals you can spend an entire day here.  You can wander around on your own or take guided tour to make sure you get to see the best exhibits.  There are staff there that will let you feed some of the animals and to touch some of them.  It’s a long day with lots of walking fortunately there is a café onsite so you can stop and get some nibbles.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

If you want to see some fantastic art anywhere in the south then the Museum of Fine Arts is a must see.  You can take tour or grab a book that will outline the exhibits.  There is a gift shop in the museum so you can pick up a trinket or two and a café where you can sit and sip a coffee and take in the ambiance.